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Technical info & Solutions : Product Installation Guide

Roller Shutter Installation Guide 
Roller shutter manufacturer-Professional!CE,UL,TUV
Different slats,colors,drive modes and installation modes are optional. .
(Roller Shutter Installation Guide.pdf)

Roller door Installation Guide
Roller doors can satisfy a number of applications ranging from small commercial shutters to large warehouse doors,with a number of colour finishes available.
(Roller Door Installation Guide.pdf)

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Sectional Door Installation Guide
The door has the function that it will rebound when the resistance is above 5kg, its response time is less than 2 seconds.
(Sectional Door Installation Guide.pdf)

Technical info & Solutions : Roller Shutter Catalogo

Roller Shutter Catalogo
Surface treating is powder coating,could waterproofing,anti-sunlight,anti-rust,anti-lacerated.
With rigid structure,theftproofing,noiseproofing,warm kepping.
(Roller shutter Catalogo.pdf)

Roller Door Catalogo
Advanced operation ways incluses manual,electric and remote-controlled with automatic locking device.Simple and safe operation and free-noise is marchless to traditional rolling door.
(Roller Door Catalogo.pdf)


Technical info & Solutions : Tubular motor & Remote Control Catalogo

We are a Chinese manufacturer, We produce tubular motor and Remote control & Venetian blinds motor and curtain motor for 8 years experience. Our production export to Spain,Germany,France Australia and etc.

Tubular motor will be used widely in new area and bring great convenience to people.

Venetian blinds drive are mainly used for exterior wall of office building.

Curtian motor,which is widely used in hotel rooms and residential rooms.

Have you ever thought about additional comfort?
funky is the most convenient radio control available at present. No control wire is needed. This means for you:

  • Minimized installation und less damage of the walls whenever you renovate or upgrade
  • Group arrangements are alterable or extensible at any time
  • Control of roller shutters possible from almost anywhere in the house.